“JD Son Seeds Company” Amur Flame Maple Trees: 125 Seeds for Majestic Garden Shades

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JD SON ORIGINAL PRODUCTS 100% Made In USA, eh! 🍁 We ship from NEW YORK! 🍁🍁🍁 MADE IN USA 🍁🍁🍁 Yahh USA! – Every sale will support local Canadian business when you buy flower seed packets from JD Son Seed Company. We offer vegetable seeds in addition to these flower seeds. Planting seeds in USA’s climate is our specialty! 100% Annual Species; 100% Pure Seed, No Fillers Prefers full sun exposure; Suitable for ALL USDA Zones The colors are varied and vibrant. Fun to grow – An all time favorite flower of kids and adults. Package includes: about 30+ seeds ( APPROX ) WE SHIP PRODUCTS FROM OUR ❤️❤️❤️

  • The Amur Maple, also known as Flame Maple, is a delightful small tree or large shrub known for its stunning fall foliage and attractive, multi-stemmed growth habit. Growing Amur Maple from seeds can add a touch of fiery red and orange to your landscape in the autumn. Here are some key points about growing Amur Maple from seeds:
  • Fall Foliage: The Amur Maple is renowned for its brilliant fall colors, which can include shades of fiery red, orange, and scarlet. This makes it a standout feature in the landscape during the autumn season.
  • Multi-Stemmed Growth: This tree typically grows with multiple stems, giving it a bushy and attractive appearance. It can be pruned to maintain a single-trunk form if desired.
  • Hardy and Tolerant: Amur Maple is known for its hardiness and adaptability. It can thrive in various soil types and is tolerant of cold temperatures, making it suitable for a wide range of climates.
  • Season: Amur Maple seeds can be sown in the fall, allowing natural stratification to enhance germination rates. They can also be started indoors in late winter for spring planting.
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: Amur Maple is well-suited for USDA hardiness zones 3 to 8, making it adaptable to many regions.
  • Temperatures: It prefers full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil.
  • Growth Rate: Amur Maple is considered a moderately fast-growing tree, reaching a height of 15 to 20 feet with a similar spread in about 10 years.
  • Landscaping: It is a versatile tree often used in hedges, screens, and as an ornamental specimen in gardens.
  • Growing Amur Maple from seeds can be a rewarding way to introduce this charming and colorful tree to your garden or landscape. Its vibrant fall foliage and adaptability make it a popular choice among gardeners seeking a low-maintenance and visually appealing addition to their outdoor spaces.

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  1. Zaina (verified owner)

    1 product

    “Poor quality seeds; they failed to grow despite optimal conditions.”

  2. Malika (verified owner)

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    “These seeds were a waste; not one plant grew from them.”

  3. Nailah (verified owner)

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    “I expected a good yield, but these seeds were a total bust.”

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